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Manu-Admin Mod

Useful tool for hosting Call of Duty series servers.
This tool allows administrators to have complete control of the server. I personally recommend it.

Manu-Admin Mod

An "addon" to your Call of Duty or any other game server console for brining your server administration to the next level. You probably heard about other similar addon such as B3, but they are 99% the same, but Manu-Admin Mod is easier to install and to control.

Here you will find tutorial how to fully install and set up Manu-Admin Mod for your Call of Duty server, because it is preferable to work with Call of Duty series.

1. First of all download Manu-Admin Mod from here -

2. Extract downloaded file. You will only need folder "adminmod" other folders can be safely deleted, they are unnecessary. Also choose for which game are you configuring. For example I choose Call of Duty 4, so I rename folder "config_cod4 RENAME TO config IF COD4" to "config and delete others config folders.

3. Move folder "adminmod" to location shown in the picture aside.

4. Now here comes MOST annoying step to set up PHP for Manu-Admin Mod, but...I already customized and edited PHP files and uploaded for you to only download to save you some time.

Get it here -

5. When you download PHP, extract it and move it to location as it's shown on the picture aside.

8. This is where people gets most common error for "games_mp.log" because they don't provide location of it in "config.cfg". Picture shows location and you only need to add games_mp.log at the end of the adress and copy it into the "config.cfg. Check it out below.

7. Open "config.cfg" with Notepad. Now you will need to set up "config.cfg" file inside "adminmod" - "config" folders. It's important because of typing your server IP adress, your RCON password and other various settings. Check picture.

Picture shows that you only need to edit your server IP, with your NO-IP adress or finding everytime in the tutorial for "How To Make Call of Duty Server"

Set your IP and port number, after typing it you need to copy location from adress bar for "games_mp.log" as I told you above.

And finally just put your RCON password. Close and save changes.

8. You need to find your GUID from your CD key, to set up you as admin of the server in "admins.cfg" You can find one by connecting to your server, when ingame, minimze window of the game and into the console type: status

Server should give you information about your GUID and copy it into the "admins.cfg" like shown on the picture aside.

9. Here comes last part, you need to set your executable program for turning on Manu-Admin Mod, following the next instructions and screenshots.

Right click on "start.bat" and click "Edit"

10. Location of PHP is shown at the screen so you will see where it is and how to properly copy location of the PHP into the "start.bat"

Close and save changes.

11. You can set shortcut to desktop of "start.bat"

12. Manu-Admin Mod has been set up, you may see some bugs when you turn on server but when turning on Manu-Admin Mod program may not initialize Call of Duty Server running, so you will have to close up Manu-Admin Mod multiple times till it initializes server.

*Note: these settings, such as RCON, IP are from my config.cfg so ignore it and use your own settings.

You may check the video below. There are two parts.